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Your House Painting Project from Start to Finish

Monday, April 24th, 2017

Kevin Palmer Painting has been in the interior and exterior painting business for 50 years. This is a milestone of which we are very honored. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled customer service from start to finish. We strive to provide our customers with absolutely the best paint job possible.

Each painting project begins with a free estimate. With over a half-century of experience in the residential and commercial painting and pressure washing industry, Kevin Palmer Painting has seen it all. We are able to provide painting solutions and options for a wide array of customer needs. We listens to our client’s requirements and concerns, develop a thorough evaluation of their painting needs, and provide a fair price to complete the required work in the best manner possible. 

Local references are provided as we are proud of the quality of our workmanship and our attention to customer service. Kevin Palmer Painting has full insurance coverage and can provide Certificates of Insurance for Workers Compensation, motor vehicle, and liability insurance upon request.

Paint and stain options specific to our client’s needs are discussed. A variety of premium grade paint and stain options are offered, and objective evaluations and recommendations regarding product usage are presented and explained. Kevin Palmer Painting also offers assistance with color selection on our website, including color visualization tools and leading paint manufacturer color offerings. Color samples are always made for client approval, prior to the start of painting.

A professional colorist and recognized paint expert, Mr. Thomas Mach of Thomas Mach Interiors, In The House & Through The Garden, is also highly recommended by Kevin Palmer Painting. Thomas Mach Interiors has been helping customers find the perfect color for years and is a treasure trove of knowledge and experience regarding paint, wallpaper, furniture, and design. Thomas Mach’s combination of extraordinary style and taste has benefited many clients over the years.

Once a project is slated for scheduling, a written Proposal is sent out. The Proposal describes in detail the scale, scope, and pricing of the work to be done. We always give a start and completion date so our customers can schedule accordingly. Our Proposal includes our Connecticut Home Improvement Contractor license number, our EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm registration number, and a Notice of Cancellation.

Approximately a week prior to starting work, our customers receive notification providing the date and time work will be starting. This notification helps our customers with their planning needs and provides an opportunity to answer any last minute questions. We make every attempt to work around our customer’s busy schedules, pet needs, and seasonal/situational issues; perhaps a birds nest under the deck with babies about to hatch or a graduation party ready to happen. Whatever comes our way, our professional painters accommodate our customer’s needs as best possible.

Our exterior painting projects begin with a thorough pressure washing of all surfaces scheduled to be painted. Our washing process will remove mold, mildew, and surface contaminants. Our cleansers are carefully selected to be environmentally friendly yet extremely effective. We thoroughly rinse after power washing is complete. Our rinsing is thorough and meticulous. Our attention to detail assures our customers’ homes will be clean and ready for painting.

The preparation process is the next step along the way and probably the most important part of our job. We cover and protect our client’s properties throughout the work process. Lightweight, leak-proof drop cloths capture and contain debris generated during our scraping and sanding efforts. Our professional painters carefully apply caulk to cracks and openings where moisture or insects may enter. They apply shellac to knot holes, stains, and discolorations to ensure that bleed-through will not be of concern. Kevin Palmer Painting are experts at glazing windows, and we can make look old sash look and perform like new.

The actual painting process is where all of our efforts come together. Our painters use skill, experience, equipment, and premium paints and stains to transform our client’s homes and businesses. We create beautiful outcomes that are durable and will withstand the test of time. Paint is applied uniformly and evenly. Straight lines are cut and brushstrokes follow the grain of the wood. No messes, drips, or spillage allowed. The expert painters at Kevin Palmer Painting take immense pride in their work it shows. We give our customers the best paint job possible.  Upon final inspection we welcome our customer’s scrutiny and review. The closer our clients look, the better our painters look.

 Kevin Palmer Painting has painted for thousands of customers in West Hartford, Connecticut and the Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. We take great pride in our work and make every effort to make each of our clients a repeat customer. We hope you’ll call us for your next painting project at 860-658-2441. For further information, please visit our website at

Getting Ready for Exterior House Painting 2017

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

With spring around the corner, it’s time for Kevin Palmer Painting to transition from interior painting projects to power washing, roof cleaning, and exterior house painting.


All of our professional painters are anxious to once again be able to work outdoors. Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for the spirit. Before we can begin our exterior work, however, there is much to do to get ready.


One of the first orders of business is to make sure all of our equipment is ready to go.


We thoroughly check our trucks and vehicles for safety. We make sure that everything is mechanically sound, inspecting the tires, brakes, and all mechanical systems. We check the ladder racks to make sure everything will be secure. All doors must latch properly and the vans must be loaded with the necessary equipment, sundries, and supplies.

KBPINC vans on the job

Kevin Palmer Painting work vans on the job – safe, maintained, and ready to work!

We check the drop cloths to ensure they are clean and will protect our customer’s property. Old drop clothes are discarded as necessary and replaced with new canvas drop cloths. Plastic, masking tape, roof brackets, specialized primers, and tools are all loaded aboard and ready to go.

KBPINC spraying in progress

Kevin Palmer Painting covers and protects our customers homes during painting.

We check our power washing equipment, hoses, and attachments for leaks or any sign of disrepair. Old equipment Is replaced as needed and any necessary repairs are undertaken to ensure our customers will receive the ultimate results on their power washing project.

KBPINC power washing

Kevin Palmer Painting power washing. Pressure washer and hoses in perfect condition. This beautiful home will be CLEAN!.

Our roof cleaning equipment is likewise thoroughly inspected. Roof washing is tough on equipment so it is particularly important to thoroughly examine all pumps, hoses, and connections. Only after our thorough and exacting examination has been completed will equipment leave the shop. This attention to detail will pay off when our roof cleaning projects are undertaken. There is nothing more transformative than cleaning moss, mold, and mildew from a roof and giving our customers a totally new look to their home.

KBPINC roof washing before

Kevin Palmer Painting roof washing transformation before. Now is not the time to hope your equipment works!

KBPINC roof washing after

Kevin Palmer Painting roof washing transformation after. Voila! A new home!

Ladders are carefully and thoroughly inspected. All ladders must be structurally sound and in perfect operating condition. Extension ladders are examined to ensure they are straight. Any ladder with a bow or structural imperfection is discarded. Stepladders are checked for stability including close inspection of the ladder rungs. Step letter trays must be secure and in good working condition.


Each of our painters will be issued a set of new brushes. Kevin Palmer Painting has always used only the finest brushes available. Nylon bristle brushes are used for acrylic paint and China bristle brushes are used for oil-based products. Close attention to the condition of our brushes ensures that we can give our valued painting customers the finest finish possible.


Attention to detail and exceptional customer service make Kevin Palmer Painting the #1 choice of West Hartford, CT and Farmington Valley homeowners seeking the best in interior and exterior house painting services.

Attention to detail and exceptional customer service make Kevin Palmer Painting the #1 choice of West Hartford, CT and Farmington Valley homeowners seeking the best in interior and exterior house painting services.

Our airless spray equipment is likewise closely inspected. All high-pressure hoses are examined for signs of deterioration or excessive wear and tear. Hoses not in perfect condition are replaced. Spray guns are inspected for leakage and any deterioration.

KBPINC airless spraying finish

Kevin Palmer Painting airless spraying in progress. This home is getting a beautiful, long-lasting finish made possible using premium tools and equipment in the hands of a professional.

New spray tips are used on all projects. This ensures that every paint and stain finish Kevin Palmer Painting applies will be uniform in thickness, sheen, and color value. It is not coincidental that our paint and stain finishes are the best in the business. Not only do we have most skilled professional painters, but they undertake their work using the best equipment possible. This attention to detail, coupled with our trained and experienced painters, guarantees the top quality paint job the customers of Kevin Palmer Painting expect and deserve.


So whether you need to power wash your siding, clean your roof, or paint and stain the exterior of your home, you can be assured that the professional painters of Kevin Palmer Painting will be ready when you are. We hope you will choose us to complete your pressure washing and house painting needs.


At Kevin Palmer Painting, we have serviced the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, power washing, and low pressure roof cleaning needs of fine homes in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT for a half century. If you are considering investing in the finest painting work possible and want to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .

Kevin Palmer Painting Knows West Hartford, CT and the Farmington Valley

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

When searching for a qualified house painter it is important to consider the benefits of hiring someone with local knowledge and house painting expertise. Consider why customers throughout West Hartford, CT and the Farmington Valley have counted on Kevin Palmer Painting for their painting solutions for nearly a half century.


The Avon, CT customer may have power washing needs that require special attention: knowledge of a unique water supply capability, drainage issues, or perhaps a new cedar roof that is brittle or prone to discoloration. Avon, CT customers can rely on the house painters of Kevin Palmer Painting to address these painting concerns and provide suitable solutions. The Avon, CT house painting team we have assembled is the best in the painting business.


Our house painting professionals working in Simsbury, CT are familiar with a variety of painting needs. For example a home may have a gutter guard system. Our professional painters are familiar with leaf protection products and set-up their painting equipment accordingly. Our trusted team of house painters in Simsbury, CT has experience with snow and ice dams and will assist our painting customer in preventing roof leakage issues in the future. Kevin Palmer Painting has been in the painting business locally for almost 50 years. Our Simsbury, CT house painters have seen and solved many unique painting problems over the years.


Or perhaps it is the West Hartford, CT homeowner who needs a qualified house painting professional. The painters of Kevin Palmer Painting have worked on houses with slate roofs, properties with chimneys which require waterproofing, and metal window sash that needs to be glazed. The West Hartford, CT house may have calcimine ceilings or possibly a canvas ceiling that needs painting. Our house painters have the knowledge, experience, and solutions to successfully deal with a variety of painting situations.


The Farmington, CT homeowner should hire a painting contractor with local experience. Kevin Palmer Painting has painted numerous homes in Farmington, CT. We are familiar with painting house with special requirements, for example the special requirements of self-cleaning windows. Our house painters always protect landscaping and walkways and are meticulous in all phases of our house painting work. We are a Lead-Safe certified contractor who can address the needs of homeowners living in a home built before 1978. Kevin Palmer Painting uses Lead-Safe Certified Renovators and house painting professionals on all interior and exterior house painting projects.


And finally, customers of Kevin Palmer Painting can count on Kevin Palmer Painting to be there in the future. Our house painters live in the area. Our children attend the local schools. Kevin Palmer Painting has a stake in the area. Our professional painting team is invested in giving all of our customers the best paint job possible.


Kevin Palmer Painting is proud to service the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, and power washing needs in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. For further information or to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .