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Paint Your Home Regularly, and Let It Work for You

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Every spring Kevin Palmer Painting receives a flurry of calls from homeowners anxious to market their homes.  Their Realtor has advised them to paint their house because interior and exterior painting will maximize their return on investment. The homeowners want their homes painted immediately and presentable for selling as soon as possible.

House painting has proven to be a significant way to maximize the value of a home. And while house painting is probably the best single way to enhance a home’s value, it is ironic that the homeowner will not get to enjoy the satisfaction and beauty of living in the house they are now hurriedly trying to spruce up and sell.

Paint your home regularly! Kevin Palmer Painting keeps this Farmington CT home in picture perfect condition.

A better solution is to paint your home on a regular basis. Exterior painting every four to seven years will insure that a home is properly protected and maintained. Prospective home buyers certainly notice which properties are painted and maintained, and if they don’t, their house inspector surely will. A regularly painted home, power washed, properly prepared, and professionally painted will keep a property looking its best, and the cost per year will be minimized.

Paint Your Home Regularly & Avoid Costly Repairs

This gorgeous Avon, CT home is maintained to perfection by the house painting professionals at Kevin Palmer Painting.

Deferring painting and staining is a costly proposition in the long run. The work eventually will need to be done, and the cost of expensive carpentry repairs, window and door replacements, and deck rebuilding is added to the bill. In addition, a neglected home can rarely be brought to the standards of a regularly maintained home. There are too many costly repairs that need to be completed and oftentimes that means rebuilding and retrofitting to match the existing, an expensive alternative. When the increased costs are added to the bill, it is easy to appreciate that the least expensive way to protect and maintain a home and its value is by professionally painting on a regular basis.

Attention to detail and exceptional customer service make Kevin Palmer Painting the #1 choice of West Hartford, CT and Farmington Valley homeowners seeking the best in interior and exterior house painting services.

Kevin Palmer Painting regularly services the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, power washing, and low pressure roof cleaning needs of fine homes in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. If you are considering investing in the best painting work possible and want to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .