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Lead Paint – What do I do?

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Lead Paint in Homes Built Before 1978

In January 2011 the US Environmental Protection Agency required that professional painters who work on homes built before 1978 be trained and certified for Lead–Safe painting procedures. The concern was health issues resulting from the past use of lead paint and stains.

Historically, lead was added to paint to enhance drying, increase longevity and durability, resist the damaging effects of moisture, and keep a paint job looking good over time. Unfortunately, lead paint has proved to be highly toxic and responsible for numerous physiological and neurological disorders.

The painting professionals at Kevin Palmer Painting have been trained and EPA approved to work on houses with lead based paints. Our painters can help keep your family healthy and your home looking beautiful.

Kevin Palmer Painting has always been mindful of environmental concerns and best safety and health practices. Our house painters have been trained and certified to complete painting projects in a safe and responsible manner. We are an EPA Lead–Safe Certified Firm.

We employ skilled painters who are Certified Renovators and have successfully completed course work required to undertake interior and exterior painting projects in homes built prior to 1978.

The exterior painting experts at Kevin Palmer Painting are approved by the EPA to work on pre-1978 homes and help our customers through the painting requirements and process. We are a responsible Lead–Safe Certified Firm, and we will be pleased to assist in your next house painting project.

All of the professional painters at Kevin Palmer Painting are proud of the painting work we do. Our house painters are experienced, trained, and approved to complete all aspects of interior and exterior painting, power washing, preparation of siding, and glazing of windows, in a safe, responsible, and conscientious manner.

So give us a call at 860-658-2441. We are here to help with all your house painting needs!