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Invest in Quality Interior and Exterior House Painting and Staining

Monday, June 22nd, 2009


In difficult economic times it is tempting to use the lowest bid as the determining factor in selecting a painting contractor. However, decisions based on price alone often backfire on you. Exactly what are you getting with that low bid? Homeowners often find out they are getting much less than what they bargained for. Unfortunately, there’s no free lunch.



Every week Kevin Palmer Painting receives calls from homeowners complaining about “that other painter”. It’s more than buyer’s remorse. These unfortunate homeowners are faced with the dilemma of starting over and correcting shoddy work. In order to provide the level of quality and service the discerning consumer expects, the responsible painting contractor must attract and retain top quality painters who are skilled and experienced in their craft. A high quality painting company employs house painters who are skilled, meticulous, honest, respectful, and courteous to customers and fellow workers as well. And a responsible painting company will pay a fair and competitive wage to their valued employees, all the while encouraging and fostering their professional development.


The benefits of this approach to the house painting business are many. Kevin Palmer Painting is able to boast a stable work force that consistently produces the highest quality paint jobs. Our interior house painting and exterior house painting and staining jobs look better, last longer, and offer the ultimate in beauty and protection to our customers’ homes. Our commercial painting customers appreciate our workmanship and engage our services confident that their painting job will be completed professionally, on schedule, and for the written contracted competitive price.  Our professional painters know and appreciate that our customers have choices, and our painters are proud that we have been selected and entrusted to paint their homes. As a result of this quality, experience, and craftsmanship oriented philosophy, most of our business in Simsbury CT, Avon CT, Farmington CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Granby CT, and West Hartford CT is from referrals and repeat customers. For further information you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .

Don’t Postpone Deck Power Washing, Deck Staining, and Deck Preservation

Saturday, June 13th, 2009

In difficult economic times it may seem tempting to delay care and maintenance of your deck and outdoor living spaces. Expenses are high everywhere and your paycheck doesn’t seem to keep pace. Putting off that deck project is easy to rationalize. Yet for most people a home is their largest single asset, and it requires routine annual maintenance to preserve and protect its value.

Power washing of deck floors, deck stairs, and deck railings followed by professional deck staining and refinishing is essential to reduce a homeowner’s long-term maintenance expenses. A properly cared for deck will minimize the need to repair and replace rotted wood and will prolong your deck’s longevity. In addition, a professional house painter’s application of a premium grade deck stain will enhance the beauty of your deck and increase your enjoyment of your deck as well.

The proper choice and application of deck stains and preservatives will best ensure the integrity of your deck’s wood finish. Different woods and different exposures necessitate different coating system requirements. Your house painting professional can help you in this process. With proper annual care there will be less cupping and curling of the deck flooring and deck railing caps. Wood will not split and splinter enabling rain and snow to further deteriorate the deck. And a properly cared for deck will better resist sun damage and deterioration. In West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley CT towns where Kevin Palmer Painting does most of its business, the dual problems of rotted, deteriorated wood and mold and mildew growth are much less of a problem with our painting customers who power wash and properly preserve their decks with the correct products annually.

We have had the pleasure of painting for a number of customers in Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, Simsbury CT, and West Hartford CT whose decks we keep looking new. In fact their decks are an attractive complement to their carefully maintained properties because they have invested in the routine maintenance necessary to properly preserve, protect, and enhance their property values. So don’t delay. Remember that annual deck care will save money in the long run, postponing the need to replace or repair rotted wood. Also, the homeowner who invests in the care of his property can enjoy that next cookout on the back deck, confident in the knowledge that he has protected and enhanced his property at the same time. For further information you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .

Power washing prior to painting

Monday, June 1st, 2009

We always power wash our customers homes prior to painting.