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Artillery Fungus Solutions from Kevin Palmer Painting

Friday, April 21st, 2017

As a power washing and painting contractor, Kevin Palmer Painting is often called by homeowners and businesses to solve problems involving unsightly and irritating surface blemishes, stains, and discolorations. Commonly, our power washing technicians deal with mold, mildew, algae, heavy oxidation, and chalking. One of the more common problems we encounter is the presence of artillery fungus.

Artillery Fungus pic 1

Artillery fungus has marred the appearance and finish of the siding on this home.

Artillery fungus, or as it is sometimes called, shotgun fungus, grows and thrives in wet, deteriorated mulch. The mulch can be fresh, recently installed, or years old. Mulch often contains artillery fungus which shoots spores that look like black pellets the size of the head of a pin onto a surface. The unfortunate victims of this attack can be almost anything: wood, aluminum, vinyl, glass. Exterior wood siding and trim that were freshly painted, vinyl siding and trim recently installed, even windows that were recently washed are all possible targets of artillery fungus.

Artillery Fungus pic 2

Beware! Mulch is often the host of artillery fungus.

As a power washing and house painting professional, we routinely see problems involving artillery fungus. The first questions we are asked by our exterior painting and power washing customers whose homes and businesses are inflicted with artillery fungus is “what is this mess” followed “by how do I fix it?” The short answer is “artillery fungus” and “hire Kevin Palmer Painting.”

Once artillery fungus spores are on a surface they are very difficult if not impossible to remove. However, Kevin Palmer Painting has options available which will leave your home beautiful and in perfect condition once again.

Artillery Fungus pic 3

Decomposed mulch is often the source of artillery fungus.

When painting surfaces afflicted with artillery fungus that are scheduled to be painted, we mechanically remove artillery fungus by scraping and sanding. A skilled application of a fresh topcoat of premium quality acrylic stain or acrylic house paint applied by the professional painters of Kevin Palmer Painting make the surface look as good as new.

The problem arises when artillery fungus has attached itself to a prefinished item such as vinyl clad windows, prefinished trim, or factory finished siding. Although we commonly paint these items, it is discouraging for the customer to realize that a finish that was supposed to be “maintenance free” for 20 years will either remain unsightly or will need to be painted. Fortunately, we are also able to paint aluminum and vinyl siding, achieving excellent, long-lasting results.

Artillery Fungus pic 4

Pachysandra and myrtle offer an attractive ground-cover alternative to mulch. Artillery fungus problems will disappear.

Kevin Palmer Painting recommends eliminating the source of artillery fungus. The first step to eliminating artillery fungus is to remove decomposed mulch from around the afflicted area. Replacement with groundcover such as pachysandra and myrtle is worthy of consideration. These plantings are an attractive alternative to mulch, and once established, require less maintenance than mulch. Some people replace mulch with decorative stones which is another alternative. Others use fungicides in an attempt to kill artillery fungus. Kevin Palmer Painting does not recommend the use of chemical alternatives to eliminate artillery fungus due to health, safety, and environmental concerns. Our painting and power washing customers appreciate our expertise and honesty and are relieved to have solutions and options.

Kevin Palmer Painting has delivered professional painting, power washing, and roof cleaning services to customers in Avon CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, Simsbury CT, and West Hartford CT for over a half-century. We offer the finest interior painting and exterior painting available. We have an unrivaled commitment to painting and pressure washing excellence. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, and we will do everything possible to make your experience with Kevin Palmer Painting the best ever. We hope you will consider us for your next painting or power washing project. For additional information please visit or better yet, give us a phone call at 860-658-2441.

From Painting to Perfection

Friday, October 11th, 2013

From Painting to Perfection: An Interview with Kevin Palmer Painting

We recently received an interview request from ConnecticutForSale. The interview was intended to provide real estate customers with helpful advice and a better experience when selling or purchasing a home. Kristen Bosse is the interviewer:

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Kevin Palmer Painting provides the highest quality professional interior and exterior painting services to our customers in West Hartford, CT and the towns which make up the Farmington Valley. We are a full-service residential and commercial painting company dedicated to satisfying our client’s painting needs. We have been in business since 1966. Our top priority is to give our customers the best paint job possible. We offer airless spray, brush, and roller applications, power washing, and low-pressure roof cleaning services.

What is your position at Kevin Palmer Painting?

I am the founder and president of Kevin Palmer Painting. I started the business in high school. To date we have painted for over 5000 customers as well as hundreds of commercial businesses. Most of our business is from referrals and repeat business.

What makes you different than other painting contractors?

We are absolutely committed to providing the best quality paint job possible to all of our customers. All of our employees are obsessive in their commitment to detail and workmanship. All of our work is done in-house. We do not subcontract anything. This gives us complete quality control. All of our painters are full time professionals who average 17 years working for Kevin Palmer Painting. Longevity of employees in the work place is something of which we are very proud. We have the best painters in the world working for our company. Our customer service is exceptional. We have been in the business long enough to develop the experience necessary to properly address any residential or commercial painting project.

What are the advantages to having a fresh paint job on your house?

A properly prepared and painted home looks attractive and increases a property’s value. Painting minimizes deterioration from the elements, sun, rain etc. and decreases the need for premature, costly, and avoidable wood repair and replacement.

What is the best time of year to paint your home?

Our exterior season starts in April and continues through October. We closely watch weather daily conditions and forecasts to always paint within manufacturer specified temperature and humidity ranges.

How often should the average homeowner get their house painted?

For exterior residential painting we recommend recoating between 5 – 7 years. Decks should be properly preserved very 2 years. We recommend power washing every 2 – 3 years. Interior painting longevity tends to be a function of wear and tear and quality of the previous coating.

What qualities should people look for in a good painting contractor?

A quality painting contractor should be honest, dependable, and reliable. Skilled, experienced painters are a must. Meeting insurance and licensing requirements is a necessity, as well as meeting EPA Lead-Safe requirements.

Are there any green products you have been utilizing in recent years?

Kevin Palmer Painting uses “green” products where appropriate and beneficial to our customer’s needs. Low or no VOC products are used when appropriate. Our company participates in recycling, establishing the most efficient route to job sites, carpooling, and minimizing our carbon footprint wherever possible. We strive to decrease our impact on the environment by minimizing waste and maximizing quality and durability. Minimizing excess, preservation of resources, and knowledge and application of environmentally friendly painting procedures are very important to Kevin Palmer Painting.

It is sometimes said that picking a color is the most difficult part of the painting project. What assistance, if any, do you offer your customers in choosing a color?

We offer our customers color decks, paint samples, on-line color visualization tools, as well as the services of a professional colorist if requested or helpful. We have the ability to match any color, and we always make a sample brush out for customer approval prior to starting any project. Most importantly, we never rush our customers into making a hurried selection. Our patience with color selections insures that our customers will be happy with their choice of color and sheen and with our finish results. Color selection for our customers is straightforward and unhurried.

How does your business help new home buyers or those looking to sell?

We best assist homeowners in the selling process by keeping their property in impeccable condition. This indicates to potential buyers that the seller has made a commitment to properly maintaining their residence and that there are high standards usually in all aspects of the property’s condition. We best assist buyers by providing honest realistic estimates for painting needs of the property after the sale.

What’s the best way for people to get in contact with you?

For information regarding interior and exterior painting, power washing, and roof cleaning customers can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at

What Makes A Paint Great?

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Use Premium Quality Paint for Best Painting Results

Customers call Kevin Palmer Painting to receive the best interior and exterior paint job possible. Having been in the painting business for nearly a half century, we have the knowledge, experience, and skillsets necessary to select and apply only the best and most appropriate paints from the world’s top manufacturers. Here are some of the things we consider when selecting a premium quality paint for your home:

Adhesion to a properly prepared surface is paramount. If a product does not adhere to the surface, nothing else matters. If a house shows evidence of moisture problems, we will select an appropriate product for that concern. Some coatings tend to offer optimum breathability and permeability. As moisture is the leading cause of paint peeling problems, the ability of a coating to permit moisture transfer without bubbling and blistering is important. Using a premium quality paint in a high moisture environment increases the probability that the coating will remain intact and protect the surface while decreasing the probability of future peeling problems.

Resistance to mold and mildew is a vital consideration if a freshly painted home is going to retain its good looks. At Kevin Palmer Painting we always power wash prior to painting to make sure the surface is free of mold and mildew before we paint. Then we select a coating that will be resistant to the future regrowth of organic elements. We also recommend proper actions on homes afflicted with artillery fungus.

A paint product’s ability to overcome the problems associated with chalking and erosion is critical. Chalking results when paint oxidizes and washes off. Over time excess chalkiness results in this oxidized film washing down onto surfaces below. Chalking creates discoloration and is easily avoided with proper paint product selection. Likewise, when a gutter overflows or there is excess water runoff onto a home’s siding, discoloration will mar the painted surface. Proper product selection and usage eliminates these issues.

Paint’s successful ability to deal with the issue of color and gloss retention is critical to maintain a paint job’s visual appeal, Sun, rain, and Mother Nature conspire to wreak havoc on a home’s exterior. Oftentimes one exposure of a home becomes a different color than another. Likewise the sheen of paint will diminish over time, resulting in a loss of gloss, particularly noticeable on windows, shutters, doors, and trim. Touch-up of these areas if needed can be difficult because of the variations of color and gloss. The selection and use of superior paint products helps make these paint problems a non-event.

Washability, scrubability, durability are also important considerations in the selection of a paint. They affect a paint job’s longevity and ease of future maintenance. Anyone who has ever tried to remove dirt from a painted surface can certainly attest to the importance of these considerations.

Finally, at Kevin Palmer Painting our commitment to the environment is paramount. Wherever possible, we paint using “green” products, formulated to have low VOC’s or no VOC’s. These premium quality paint products minimize odors, and help everyone concerned with good stewardship of the environment.

Premium Quality Paint

Let me close by restating that premium quality paint is important to the overall outcome of your painting project. At Kevin Palmer Painting, we’ve had exceptional results in pairing product selection with surface conditions. Our expertise and knowledge of paints and stains enables us to give our customers the best paint job possible.

Kevin Palmer Painting is proud to service the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, and power washing needs in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. For further information or to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .

Preparing For An Interior Paint Job

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The results of properly painting a home are incredibly rewarding. When done correctly, a quality paint job can be transformative – from drab and dreary to polished and chic. A well-planned and perfectly executed painting project enhances a home’s value, is aesthetically appealing, and will protect a home from future wear and tear.

Preparing for an Interior Paint Job

So how do the painting professionals at Kevin Palmer Painting prepare to paint a home’s interior? We begin by photographing the room prior to the commencement of work to create a record. This helps us so the room can be put back in its proper place upon completion of painting. We then cover, protect, and take proper precautions to insure our customer’s home is cared for throughout our painting process. We are painstakingly meticulous in protecting our client’s home from the time we enter through the final inspection and walk-through.

Painting can be messy.  Although paints, even water soluble latex paints, are relatively easy to clean up, once dried, paint allows for no errors. Everything must be protected from potential spillage so spills and spatters can be harmlessly thrown out with the waste at the end of the job.

So, what the steps we take when preparing for an interior paint job?

First, the protection of furniture and décor needs to be addressed. Smaller items such as books, pictures, artwork, and memorabilia are removed from the room for safe keeping. Medium items are consolidated with heavy immovable items, and everything is covered with fresh plastic and clean canvas drop cloths.

Floor protection is next. Hardwood and carpeted floors alike are covered with plastic and spill-proof drop cloths.  Borders along baseboards and radiators are sealed with tape to protect all surfaces and exposures. Ducts are covered and masked so dust and odors are contained.

Electrical plates and hardware are removed where possible or alternatively covered with removable tape. Everything that is removed is carefully labeled so we know where to put them back. We attach screws, nuts, bolts, and any hardware back in their holes, or tape them in place so nothing gets lost. We recommend window treatments be removed where possible and always be kept covered and protected.

The painting professionals of Kevin Palmer Painting make absolutely certain every square inch of our customer’s home is protected. Then and only then we are ready to begin our painting work!

At Kevin Palmer Painting, we have serviced the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, power washing, and low pressure roof cleaning needs of fine homes in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT for nearly a half century. If you are considering investing in the best painting work possible and want to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at

Avon CT Interior Painting: Customer Sends a Thank You!

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Avon CT Interior Painting: Why We Appreciate Our Customers & They Appreciate Us!

Kevin Palmer Painting recently completed another interior house painting project in Avon, CT. The work involved a home purchased by a couple who were renovating the interior prior to moving in. Floors were to be refinished, carpets installed, the interior painted, and the entire home was to be transformed.

Commitment to schedule as well as attention to detail and quality workmanship were very important to the couple. In their search for an interior painter with an extensive resume of house painting in Avon, CT, the couple chose Kevin Palmer Painting. We were pleased at our selection as their painting contractor. And as with all our painting customers, our professional painters would make every effort to exceed their high expectations.

The work involved removing wallpaper in a living room and hall and then painting the walls. The painting project also included painting 2 additional rooms which were destined to become the couple’s dens.

The homeowners work during the week but were confident their new home would be safe and secure entrusted to the painters of Kevin Palmer Painting. Rob, Dru, and Wald were the painting experts entrusted to make the homeowner’s dream a reality.

The painters began work by carefully covering all floors and securing and protecting the work areas. Clean drop cloths, canvas runners, and plastic were used to protect the home throughout the process. The wallpaper was stripped, the wallpaper adhesive was thoroughly removed, and then the walls were washed, rinsed, and totally cleaned. The painters then patched all cracks and holes, taped seams and joints, and caulked the trim. After the walls were inspected and any imperfections were addressed, the house painters applied a prime coat of Benjamin Moore interior alkyd primer. The walls were then painted with 2 finish coats of Benjamin Moore eggshell paint.

Kevin Palmer Painting worked with the homeowner in their selection of paint products and sheens, and the resulting finish was gratifying for everyone involved. On completion of this Avon CT interior painting project,  we received the following gratifying email.:

“Dear Kevin,

Thanks so much for doing such a beautiful job within our time constraints! We really love the way our new home looks and feels.  The quality of the work and colors really do make a difference!

Keith and I absolutely love the interior painting done at our new home!! We can’t believe how wonderful it looks! Now it really looks like our place!! 🙂

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go over during the day to visit, due to our work schedule, but we did go after work, to see the process and the progress.

We are going to make this room into our library. I took these pics with my phone, so color may not be accurate, but it shows the beautiful work and amazing transformation done by your fab staff.   Our thanks to everyone involved.

You’ve been wonderful to work with, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,

J. B., Avon, CT”

The room awaits the TLC about to begin!










Wallpaper stripped, glue removed, and painting preparation underway by the skilled painters of Kevin Palmer Painting.










An oil primer will properly seal the walls prior to the application of the finish coats of paint.










The finished product! Kevin Palmer Painting was proud to be selected to paint this lovely Avon, CT home.















Kevin Palmer Painting services the interior painting and exterior painting, staining, and power washing needs in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. For further information you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .

Due Diligence: Spend Time Now And Avoid Problems Later

Monday, May 9th, 2011

The other day I received an email from an individual wanting an internet painting quote. Her message read as follows: “New room – sheetrocked and taped, paint ready. Ceiling (8ft), sloped to 4′ knee walls, one closet, trim around window doors and baseboard. About 16×20. “

And that was it. The individual wanted to know “the bottom line.”  The potential customer wanted me to quote on this work sight unseen, and was undoubtedly contracting the entire project in this fashion. I declined to quote.

House painting is an investment in a home that, if done correctly, pays long-term dividends and enhances a home’s value and appearance. Or as our customers say, “House painting by Kevin Palmer Painting looks better, lasts longer, and offers the ultimate in beauty and protection.” At Kevin Palmer Painting, we take a synergistic approach to painting, bringing together many different elements to achieve a greater result not obtainable independently.

Kevin Palmer Painting insists on meeting with potential painting clients to discuss their house painting needs. A responsible painter will not simply “leave the price in the mailbox.” There are too many variables needing to be clarified in order to serve a customer’s best interests.

What is the condition of the ceilings and walls? Has the taping been done properly? How will paint sheen affect the finish product? Flat finishes hides a multitude of sins while sheen enhances wash ability. Lighting needs to be considered as it reflects off ceilings and walls. Is paint odor a consideration? Some products contain more VOC’s than others, and paint performance i.e. wash ability, scrub ability, resistance to mold and mildew, resistance to fading, ease of touch-up etc. are all factors which need to be considered and discussed. Who will be doing the work? How long have they been a house painter? How long have the painters worked for your company? Are the painters supervised?

At Kevin Palmer Painting we understand the devil is in the details. The house painters at Kevin Palmer Painting wear booties over their shoes to protect our customer’s floors. Smoking is never permitted; our trained professional painters are punctual, polite, skilled, and hard-working. We take care of our customer’s homes whether carefully covering furniture or making sure the perennial bed against the side of the house is protected.

In fact “the bottom line” is made up of so many variables, it is incumbent on the homeowner to spend time with their painting contractor, review the project, address needs and concerns, and attain a level of comfort insuring that the homeowner and contractor are on the same page.

At Kevin Palmer Painting, we have been servicing the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, power washing, and low pressure roof cleaning needs of fine homes in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT for nearly a half century. If you are considering investing in the best painting work possible and want to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .