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We Paint Mansions

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Kevin Palmer Painting has provided interior and exterior professional painting services to residential and commercial customers for over 50 years.

Looking back upon our company’s growth and evolution, it is with a great sense of pride of accomplishment and acknowledgment and appreciation of our good fortune that we look to the future.

When Kevin Palmer Painting began business in the 1960s, oil-based paints were the gold standard, solid body stains were rarely used, and airless spray applications were unheard of.

The first home we painted was our parents’ home in Simsbury Connecticut. Our father purchased Sears Best Weather Beater paint, provided the brushes and drop cloths, and just like that, we were in business! Our mother was a perfectionist and was skeptical at best.

The house took longer to paint than we ever imagined, but we certainly learned a lot. Painting our parents’ home taught us the importance of preparation work, the need to be knowledgeable about paint products and tool usage, and an appreciation for the importance and necessity of doing quality work. We had to please our (scared to death) mom who envisioned a disaster of epic proportions.

Our hard work paid off. The job was a success! Our parent’s neighbors noticed our hard work and their beautifully painted home, and soon we were receiving calls from others to paint their homes. Our prices were fair, the quality of our work was excellent, and over time we developed a reputation for providing a superior paint job and long-lasting value.

As time progressed and our painting business grew, we needed to hire additional painters. We always hired the best persons possible and our choice of quality individuals was key to our growth and success. We trained our painters using best practices, taught everyone to pay attention to detail, and insisted that the job site always be kept neat. Our painters, some of whom have been with us for over 30 years, have been the key to our success. To a person, our painters are highly skilled, professional, honest, and very nice people.

Over the years we’ve had the good fortune of painting over 5000 houses in the West Hartford Connecticut and Farmington Valley towns. We have had the opportunity to paint some of the most beautiful properties in the area. The name Kevin Palmer Painting has become synonymous with quality work. We have painted small houses, large houses, and everything in between.

One day a potential customer introduced himself to us and remarked “I know you guys! You paint mansions!” Recognizing the sincerity of the person’s words it was not lost on us how we had established our reputation. We developed our painting and pressure washing business reputation by providing the best quality work, combined with excellent service, for the most demanding and discriminating customers in our community. By treating everyone’s home with the utmost care and recognizing that everyone’s home is their mansion, Kevin Palmer Painting has prospered.

We hope you will consider Kevin Palmer Painting for your next painting or pressure washing project. We proudly service the interior and exterior painting and pressure washing needs for customers in Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, Simsbury CT, and West Hartford CT. You can find further information about our painting business at


The Best Application Methods for Interior and Exterior House Painting and Staining

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

Many house painting customers have an interest in painting and staining methods and procedures most suitable for the interior and exterior painting and staining of their homes. As a professional house painting contractor, we welcome the opportunity to educate and inform our clientele. The better informed the client, the more likely they will hire Kevin Palmer Painting for their house painting and staining needs.

An airless spray application in conjunction with trained, accomplished, experienced brush and roller usage is the best way to paint a home or office. An airless sprayer uses a hydraulic pump to move paint from a container, through a tube, into a high-pressure hose, to a spray gun, and, finally, to the surface in need of painting. The spray gun in turn is controlled by the house painter, and the finish product is a result of his experience, skill, knowledge, and technique. It is critical to hire a professional house painter with competence and experience with airless spray equipment.

An airless spray application done by the skilled, trained, and experienced professional house painters of Kevin Palmer Painting ensures proper and recommended levels of protection to all coated surfaces. The properly qualified spray painter is able to paint nooks, cracks, crannies, and areas otherwise impossible to coat. The airless spray application system affords superior penetration into joints and textured surfaces, providing proper coverage and protection to areas impossible to reach with a brush, roller, or pad. The high pressure airless application system utilized by our skilled, trained, and experienced professional painters eliminates brush marks and minimizes lapping marks, providing a beautiful, long-lasting protective finish. Coatings are applied by the expert house painting professionals of Kevin Palmer Painting in strict accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations, and drop clothes and protective coverings are used at all times to protect all areas from paint spillage and overage.

Kevin Palmer Painting has been in the painting business for nearly a half century. Our in-house professional house painters bring decades of interior and exterior painting knowledge and experience to provide our customers with the best paint job possible. Our highly skilled professional painters are dedicated to giving our clients a beautiful paint job with long-lasting protection. We believe “Painting done by Kevin Palmer Painting looks better, lasts longer, and offers the ultimate in beauty and protection. And in order to provide the ultimate in quality painting, we use airless spray applications to ensure our customers receive the best application available.

Kevin Palmer Painting services the interior painting, exterior painting, house staining, and power washing needs in West Hartford CT and the surrounding Farmington Valley towns of Avon CT, Bloomfield CT, Canton CT, Farmington CT, Granby CT, and Simsbury CT. For further information or to discuss your next residential painting, commercial painting, or power washing project you can reach us at (860) 658-2441 or visit us on the web at .